Deep in the far reaches of space, Isambard Kingdom Brunel has mistakenly landed on the wrong planet in his steam powered space-ship. Fortunately the planet seems to rain energy crystals which if Brunel can collect enough of should give him more than enough power to escape.

Objective: Collect the right type of power crystals. You must collect them in the right order shown at the top of the screen.

Controls: Use left / right and space bar to jump.

This game was made in two days for Ludum Dare 39. While this wasn't my first time taking part in the game jam it is the first game I've managed to make which feels well rounded in terms of having art, music and sound effects. It was fun to make!

Install instructions

Play the HTML5 version above, or download the Windows 64 build and just unzip and run the EXE!


Engines& 4 MB

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